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Name:Filipa Mesarovic
Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:Naches, Washington, United States of America
You remember those fantasy books, the ones where a child is whisked away to a far off world filled with magic, artifacts, dragons, and medieval level technology? The ones where that child was the hero fated to do something great? Filipa was that child. She did great things. She still has her magic from those days, the healing and protective magic she used to save a nation.

And then she came back, and it all went wrong.

After years of psychologists to 'fix' her delusions, she gave up on trying to tell anyone the truth. She's not sure what the truth is anymore. Often, she doubts even the things her parents have on tape from when she was a little girl are even real, or even her. She drifts through life aimlessly, at the top of all her classes but unable to care about the future or colleges or anything of that sort. In recent times her quietness has become an artform. It keeps people from being angry at her or calling her crazy or, usually, wanting much to do with her at all. And she doesn't want to be too near to people, anyway. She's not sure if all the yelling, screaming and emotional abuse she remembers from her parents is real, but she knows she didn't like it.

More often than not she goes into the forest, rain or shine, to where she feels at home, and warm memories of her comrades from the kingdom she helped save envelop her. The magic she retained is her greatest comfort and wonder in this life.
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